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Luann Heffelfinger is a certified Human Behavior Consultant in affiliation with Personality Insights, Inc., with personal training from its founder, Dr. Robert Rohm of Atlanta, Georgia.  Luann has presented the vital information of Personality Insights Seminars to various churches, hospitals and businesses throughout the Midwest.  She recognizes that, when we understand God’s design for each individual, His Kingdom can be edified.  Participants of Women’s Retreats, Marriage Seminars and Youth Groups have been challenged and blessed by Luann’s enlightening message.

For over thirty years, Luann has been teaching “Precept Upon Precept” – an educational Bible Study that employs the Inductive Study method and emphasizes the accurate and individual handling of the Word of God.  Participants have not only gained biblical information, but also spiritual transformation that came from understanding and applying the Word of God to their daily lives.  Through Precepts, Luann stresses key biblical principles that promote success and balance in life.

Possessing degrees in Fine Art, Business Administration and Management, Luann has been active in the startup of several successful ventures.  Luann is an expert in team-building, focused on enhancing the potential of each Individual in an organization.

Because of her varied background, Luann is qualified and willing to share an entertaining yet enlightening presentation on what it takes to build powerful relationships through better understanding of one another.  This interactive experience promises to leave the participants with applicable tools leading to lifelong results in the church, at home, in the office, everywhere relationships count!

Luann resides in Bowling Green, Ohio with Eric, her husband of 30+ years and Sammy, her faithful dog.  They have two  grown and  independent sons, Adam & Tim each with beautiful families of their own.