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” The DISC Profile, part of our hiring system, provides us with insight to determine if a candidate is a good fit for the functions and tasks of that position.  Though the DISC Profile cannot tell me the work ethic, esteem or integrity of a person, it is incredibly effective in determining the bent or make-up of a person to determine if it is a win/win for both the applicant and our company.

We are in our fourth record year, all during a recession.  We have had 4 out of 4 record months this year, giving us an over 50% increase compared to the same time period last year.  We are learning to intentionally hire and work together in a way that compliments the team.

Thank you for sending the tests and reviewing them over and over again with me.  I am amazed at what you can discern just looking at where four bars are concerning the midline of somebody’s test.  I have observed as you access an applicant you had never met as being beautiful, that they would be a team player and be the glue that holds us together, just by looking at their test….and they are!

We have some D’s on the team that bump heads, we have some high I’s that aren’t real organized but are incredible people persons, we have S’s that are loyal but not as driven and we have others without much “C” for detail.  But as a team, with the right people in the right seats and with the right bents, we compliment each other’s weaknesses.  There is not one person here that hesitates to come to work, they all recognize the value they add.

I sincerely appreciate your competence, professionalism and kindness.  I look forward to working again with you. You are helping me to understand both the strengths and weakness of our team so we can work together more effectively in pursuing our goals.”

Robert Herron, Herron’s Amish Furniture

“Utilizing her keen insights and sharp wit, Luann helped our church staff DISCover each other’s individual personality strengths.  She then demonstrated how to fuse together this personality “collection” to create an even stronger more effective team.”

– Pastor Greg Smith

“I have participated in Luann Heffelfinger’s Personality Classes on several occasions  – in Church / Women’s Ministry Conventions and in my work place setting.  In both settings, her insights into and explanation of the 4 Basic Personalities types were clear, useful and entertaining.  This information has been a continual blessing to my life.  I highly recommend this class and this teacher to anyone desiring to work better in a group of diverse individuals.  All Luann has taught me has been a godsend, in my ministry and in my career. ”

– Angie Swonger, Western Ohio Christian Women Connection President

“Personality and You, has totally changed how I interact with my employees.. Knowing and understanding their personality types has improved relationships and improved productivity! I could listen to this information all day, because it WORKS! Absolutely fascinating!”

–  Michelle Fairchild, Meredith Party Rentals, Toledo, Ohio

“Luann has been the guest speaker for two of our women’s retreats.  The first one was “Wired by God:  A Decoding Plan”. Luann had us laughing our heads off as we scrutinized ourselves to decode the personality style with which we’d been “wired”.  We enjoyed her humor and depth and invited her back the following year.  The second year the theme was; “Can You Hear Me Now?  Connecting with God”.  Using recognizable cell phone advertising as the bait we were hooked with scripture as we explored effective communication between God and ourselves.  This was also very insightful and ended with a wonderful time of prayer.

– Shirley Smith, Women’s Ministries Co-ordinator

“Luann, you are a joy, a gift and probably the best speaker we have ever had at an All Staff Day event.  You were here in 2007 and back again a few weeks ago.  And everyone still loved you! That to me is impressive.  I enjoyed you thoroughly again this year as did all of my co-workers.  One person said in their evaluation “Have Luann back every year!”  In those famous words of actress Sally Field, after winning her second academy award, you can now say “…I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”  Luann, we do like you, the  Monroe County Library System loves you.

Thank you Luann for sharing with wit and humor your creative insights on personality.  We all gain insight from your presentations.  Maybe, just maybe, what you shared with us will make us all a little easier to get along with and a bit happier in the new year.”

Jame M. Steed, All Staff Day Chairman, Community Librarian Frenchtown Area Libraries